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Celebrating 25 Years of DJing
Sujal (DJ Suj)
Make Your Time Memorable with Us
Voice : 732-679-1921
Fax : 800-878-7025

Email : djsuj@hotmail.com
Website : www.djsuj.com
bullet The Baraat/Jaan

imgI lead the Baraat/Jaan (Groom's procession) with my van. I am the first original DJs to lead the Baraat/Jaan with my van. I have a power generator in the van with a speaker aiming out the back which allows for ample power and sound. I also have police lights and strobes on the van to give it a vibrant look.

bullet The Ceremony

imgFor the ceremony, I have two speakers on poles and a wireless clip-on mic for the Pandit/Maharaj. This allows for ample sound throughout the room and keeps the noise level down. During the ceremony, I play Shenai music in the background, play a song when the Groom makes his entrance, play a song when the Bride makes her entrance, and have Gujarati wedding songs that can be played at your discretion for the Pheras, when the bride and groom feed one another, and the Vedai. I also play popular wedding songs towards the end of the ceremony.

bullet The Reception

imgFor the reception, I will take care of all the formal introductions, coordinate the first dance, speeches/toasts, cake cutting, father/daughter and mother/son dance, etc... The music depends on the type of crowd at the event. Generally I play the popular Bhangra/Hindi/English songs, keeping it diverse so everybody has a good time. I will discuss with you what your preferences are for the music and any motivational stuff. The party is catered to your needs. I provide a professional looking setup, wireless handheld mic(s), 4 speaker sound show in most cases, and dressed in professional attire (tuxedo). I will also be bringing two intelligent lights that are used for spot light during introductions, adding color effects to the ceiling during slow songs and flickering effect during fast dancing.

bullet Uplifting / LED / Monogram Logo / Truss Columns

imgThe effect of these Uplifting/LED lights changes the entire ambience of the room.
The customized monogram logo adds that extra touch of elegance as guests enter the room.